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  JayVii 749716aa26 Hosting own gitea; implementing fontsizes 5 months ago
  JayVii 74e103276a solarize gallery thumbnail 7 months ago
  JayVii 3534f90862 Cleanup 7 months ago
  JayVii 43bb9969b2 Update to reflect all current feeds 7 months ago
  JayVii 9bdf3a5548 Added Link to Cloud; resized thumbnails 7 months ago
  JayVii d025f90e81 cleanup 7 months ago
  JayVii 91bd9bb9b3 shadow exception for news-feeds 7 months ago
  JayVii 731038675b Absolute paths 7 months ago
  JayVii 0aca2defb6 Cleaning up, removing js 7 months ago
  JayVii d0cb7e5288 templates for news-feeds 7 months ago
  JayVii 212564bc18 remove padding 7 months ago
  JayVii e4e65f4aad use absolute paths 7 months ago
  JayVii 0119806475 Update error-page to reflect style changes 7 months ago
  JayVii 9efcf31ab7 Edit: layout works properly on mobile now 7 months ago
  JayVii e63ce16d41 Edit: Force SSL via JS 7 months ago
  JayVii b4865ecf31 Fix: actually use new images (JPGs) 7 months ago
  JayVii 625434f536 Edit: optimized images; Updated: favicon; Edit: shadows in CSS 7 months ago
  JayVii 0171cf943b Remodeling website 7 months ago
  JayVii e85810e5bc Verification Mastodon 11 months ago
  JayVii 9a2a9f0112 Add: Viewport for mobile devices 1 year ago
  JayVii 6e0140b0bc Add: icons for YT and TTV 1 year ago
  JayVii 2341f4fe92 Add: Mapper at HUMAP 1 year ago
  JayVii 0a634895d9 Add text and borders 1 year ago
  JayVii 4a22c2649b PNGs are a much better fit in this case... 1 year ago
  JayVii aec419fb84 Further compress SVG 1 year ago
  JayVii 4592dd1f75 minify SVG 1 year ago
  JayVii c604974043 Use SVG for thumbnails 1 year ago
  JayVii e5165765cd Merge branch 'master' of 37rcg4c72i5eckbf.onion:jayvii.de/www 1 year ago
  JayVii 423a23fbbf No need for JS anymore 1 year ago
  JayVii de02e9c663 Edit: fix JS path 2 years ago
  JayVii 595f94e3af Edit: fix broken js for forcing https 2 years ago
  JayVii b22841f335 Edit: using absolute paths 2 years ago
  JayVii a5ed2d7037 Edit: better term 2 years ago
  JayVii b38bf767ba Edit: fix display 2 years ago
  JayVii fc5879e675 Edit: use default fontsize 2 years ago
  JayVii a3aca34e3f Edit: minor fixes 2 years ago
  JayVii a9025a6093 Edit: enforce white background 2 years ago
  JayVii 78020f5485 Edit: recolor rss-icon 2 years ago
  JayVii 0b607bfd66 Edit: Customizations to optimize for mobile displays 2 years ago
  JayVii a14f806c7a Edit: Update sites for new design 2 years ago
  JayVii 62ae84d7ed Edit: Redesign via Brutstrap 2 years ago
  JayVii 2b8143799c Edit: only force https if http is used 2 years ago
  JayVii 0fcbfee385 Edit: resize Gallery-Thumbnail 2 years ago
  JayVii f99aaf93b5 Edit: Link software releases, Link Gallery Feed 2 years ago
  JayVii d078359722 Edit: replace Posts with Gallery 2 years ago
  JayVii 8848ec63d6 Add: RSS/Feed icon 2 years ago
  JayVii 92089b48fd Add: Author-image 2 years ago
  JayVii e41fa7e14b Edit: linking to JEF-Germany instead 2 years ago
  JayVii 6f14352f46 Edit: make linking non-domain-specific 2 years ago
  JayVii 5fe1024f74 Edit: make linking to public git-repository non-specific 2 years ago