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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,7 +1,6 @@ # Adblocking "/etc/hosts" **ATTENTION:** -Please read about the *[security concerns](* of using random scripts from the internet The script downloads several adblock-lists and places their content into your /etc/hosts, redirecting those domains to (NULL). @@ -28,14 +27,11 @@ Substitude to "adblock" addons for your webbrowser. Copy this file to a place you'll remember (eg: your home-directory). Run: -> chmod +x /home/USER/.hostblockingscript +``` +chmod +x ~/.hostblockingscript +``` Now, you can run the script. As we do editing outside your home-folder, you need root-permissions. Note, that the script will also backup the original "/etc/hosts" file into your home-directory (~/.hostsbackup). This script needs to be run every now and then (I'd say every 2 weeks, min) to have full effect & protection. -> su -c "./home/USER/.hostblockingscript" root - -or: -> sudo sh /home/USER/.hostblockingscript - - -## Screenshot -![Hostblockingscript]( +``` +sudo ~/.hostblockingscript +```