Checks current IM messages for different platforms and sends a notification for new messages
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ ## What does it do? It checks your current IM messages via several CLI clients for different -plattform and notifies you about potential messages. +platform and notifies you about potential messages. Currently supported: - Telegram via [`telegram-cli`]( @@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Future work (WIP, currently not implemented): ## Why? Many IM clients, such as the Telegram Desktop client or the Signal Desktop -client are somewhat ressource intensive, particularly on the CPU, leading to +client are somewhat resource intensive, particularly on the CPU, leading to high(er) power consumption. With this lightweight notifier script, you are not required to have the desktop client running in the background at all times. @@ -43,24 +43,32 @@ Set it up via commandline: telegram-cli ``` -## Use IM Notifier +## Install IM Notifier -Pull this source directory, and run the Makefile: +Pull this source directory, and run `debuild`: ``` git pull cd Notifier -make install +debuild +``` + +This will create a Debian installation package `.deb`, which you may install +via: ``` +sudo apt install ../im-notifier_*.deb +``` + +Packages are being built automatically by Gitlab-CI: + -This will place `` into `~/.local/bin/` and -`im-notifier.desktop` into `~/.config/autostart/im-notifier.desktop`. The -later makes sure, that the daemon ist started when starting the desktop -session. +You can Download the "artifacts", which contain the latest `.deb` version. -In Order to start the daemon directly after installation, restart your -current desktop session or run the script manually: +## Use IM Notifier +Installing IM-Notifier also creates an App-Icon in your application menu. +Opening this application will run the daemon in the background. You can start +this notifier automatically upon login: ``` -# Phosh: -pkill phosh +mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart +cp /usr/share/applications/im-notifier.desktop ~/.config/autostart/ ```