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diff --git a/sguard/ b/sguard/ @@ -0,0 +1,48 @@ +# Suspend Guard for Phosh + +## What does it do? + +Prevent auto-suspend as long as media (audio) is playing, e.g. from your +podcast- or music-player. + +Some players (like `lollypop`) have built-in suspend-inhibit, but not all of +them have yet (e.g. `gnome-podcasts`) and some probably never will +(e.g. `firefox`). + +## How does it work? + +The `` script checks every X seconds (default: 60), whether sound is +playing through any pulse-audio channel. If it is, it will inhibit suspend for +the next X+1 seconds, until it checks again. + +## Are there system requirements? + +Yes, the script uses `pactl`, which is probably installed anyways and +`gnome-session-inhibit` which is part of the GNOME desktop and therefore part of +phosh. + +## Wouldn't it be better to check mpris for the current player state? + +Indeed, that would be a _cleaner_ approach, and the [script did exactly that for +a while]( +However, it turns out that phosh handles MediaPlayer/mpris events in an odd way, +such that it does not report any playing state, when the screen is locked. + +Additionally, some applications do not support mpris and would therefore be +unable to trigger the suspend-inhibit. + +## Use sguard + +Just download this source directory, and run the Makefile: +``` +git pull +cd PinePhoneScripts/sguard +make install +``` + +This will place `` into `~/.local/bin/` and place the +systemd-service file under your user's directory. You can enable & start sguard +with: +``` +systemctl --user enable sguard --now +```