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Activity: Jun, 2024 - Jun, 2024

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Please send patches or remarks to jayvii[AT]posteo[DOT]de

Super simple selfhosted paste server inspired / copy-cat’ed from: codemadness


Let’s assume you are running Debian on your server, OpenSSH is already setup and you are using Apache as your webserver with “”.

Create a new user for the paste service on your server:

Optionally, set a password for the “paste” user. Or, better yet use an SSH-key. See: Arch Wiki: SSH keys

Copy the apache-config and edit it accordingly

Copy the index and 404 page to the web-root:

The service is ready now. Next, setup your client accordingly. The codemadness blog has a nifty bash-function, which I adapted a little bit. You can also find it in this repository as

The function reads from stdin, so whatever you pipe to it, will be send to the paste-service:

Clone this repository via:
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