NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
yt2htmlFetches Youtube content via RSS and provides a chronological timeline JayVii2024-05-21 20:08
yt2rssTransforms a youtube channel into a podcast RSS feed to insert into a podcatcher JayVii2024-05-21 17:05
helix-termInteractive console for the Helix-Editor using TMUX JayVii2024-05-21 11:03
tw2htmlChecks online status of streams on and lets you watch them JayVii2024-05-19 19:12
pp-notifierInstant Messenger Notification daemon for the PinePhone JayVii2021-09-19 15:34
goaccess_dashboardTiny tool for privacy-preserving web-analytics JayVii2024-04-27 20:42
startpagePersonal Browser Homepage: JayVii2024-05-03 16:02
plain_notesPlain Text notes for GNULinux JayVii2024-05-01 15:12
rsync_encrypted_backupEncrypted backups based on gocryptfs and rsync JayVii2024-04-27 15:40
www.jayvii.deMy personal website JayVii2024-04-28 15:40
sguardSuspend Guard for the PhoneShell "Phosh" JayVii2024-04-29 17:54
stagit-jayvii.deBuilding with stagit JayVii2024-05-19 13:18